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Lane Family Tree


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Smith Family History Page


Henry Marion Smith Born May 26, 1812
Source By Glenn,Frankie Davis.. Arthor of books on Sanson Family A descendant of Wm. Greenbury Sansom.
Priest and McAda Ancestors and their Descendants.
When Henry was a young boy his parents died and he came to Texas with some immigrants, settling in Austin. He Married Frances (Fannie) Short.
Fannie passed away shortly after her sons Clinton L. Smith and Jefferson D. Smith were captured by the Indians, as related in THE BOY CAPTIVES, BY J. Marvin Hunter.
Henry Smith served with the TEXAS RANGERS
2.Title: Short Family, A story of the Descendant s of James Short, By John David (Jack) Short.


Above is a picture of H M Smith who was the Father of the Smith Boys.
Born May 26, 1812 in Pittsburg, Pa
Died 1882 near Boerne, Tx


Above is a picture of sisters of the Smith boys,(Left) Caroline (Smith) Coker
Born 1845
Died 1933
Buried in San Antonio "Bexar Co." Tx
and (Right) Amanda Matilda (Smith) Lane. My Great Grand-Mother.
She was born October 23, 1852, Bexar Co. Tx,
Died February 12, 1939 in Bandera, "Bandera Co" Tx
Buried in Bandera, "Bandera Co." Tx


Above is a picture of Clinton Lafayette Smith
Born 1860
Died 1932 in Hackberry, Tx
Buried in Hackberry, Tx
and Jefferson Davis Smith
Born 1862
Died 1940
who were captured by the Indians.
Clint was adopted by Geronimo.
You can read about them in a book called The Boy Captives.

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