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Patton Family History Page


William M. A. Patton
Source::: Gay-Crawford
Reference number 664
Nancy Gay Crawford (MeMeC@plant
From a book entitled "JAMES PATTON AND THE APPALACHIAN COLONISTS" is the following information as recorded by Anne Rhea Bruce.
The Pattons were originally landed gentry seated at Ferrochie, Fifeshire, Scotland. The progenitor of the Irish branch of the family, William Patton, M.A., was born in Scotland; had immigrated to Northern Ireland during the King James Plantation. He was in the County Donegal by 1626 as Rector of the Marishes of Ramolgh and Clonmary,Barony of Raphoe and later at Aughniah, Barony of Kilmacrenan, Reverend William Pat ton and his wife Margaret, made their home at an estate called "Groghan", and reared two sons. Henry and John.
ID: 1415
Source:: Ancestors of Robert Palmer Rhoads

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